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Sunset Bros X Mark McCabe – In Feeling It (In The Air)

Fresh dance from Sydney based duo Sunset Bros and Ireland’s Mark McCabe. 

‘I’m Feeling it’ started life as a mash up of Naline & Kane’s ‘Beachball/Cruising’ and Morgan Page’s ‘In The Air’ known as ‘Track 13’ from the Sunset Brothers 2013 summer mix tape.

The track spread virally across UK dance floors in summer ‘17 and eventually found itself on Soundcloud where this phenomenon of a record just kept growing.

Notching up 5 million plays on Soundcloud and another 5 million on Youtube, the track is now officially available to buy.

Check it out below and keep listening to Massive to hear ‘Sunset Bros X Mark McCabe – I’m Feeling it (In tThe Air)’ across the day.

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