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Nigel Good – No way back up (feat. Illuminor)

Debut track on Monstercat for Canadian producer

Nigel Good recently released his latest tune ‘No Way Back Up’. Featuring vocals of Illuminor, this is a epic track with a grand violin and organs and feels almost cinematic. It is a tune that grows on you the more you listen to it.

Nigel Good’s hyper-modern take on melodic progressive house has earned him great international acclaim, including support by Porter Robinson, Above & Beyond, Max Graham, Jaytech, Solarstone, Gareth Emery, Myon & Shane 54, Matt Darey, and many more.

Bought up playing piano from the age of 5 Nigel lists Chicane and BT for inspiration. By 11, he was producing trance with Fast Tracker and charting on the former Nigel spent the rest of his teenage years refining his sound to what it is today: space, melody, air, and glitch.

Nigel Good is already getting lots of love for his new track. The official teaser on youtube has already clocked up more than 300,000 views and the soundcloud file has another 150,000.

Check out Nigel Good ‘No way back up’ below and keep listening to Massive to hear it across the day.

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