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Armin van Buuren feat. Conrad Sewell – Sex, Love & Water

Armin’s back with a much softer, funkier sound.

Check out the latest track from Armin van Buuren – Sex, Love and Water.

Featuring the high-register vocals of Conrad Sewell alongside a bevy of the kind of vibes that make you hit the dance floor. According to the van Buuren publicity machine, “Sex, Love & Water is all you need to turn life into the best party around”.

From the severely infectious rhythm guitars to the sexy horns and swaying grooves, this next Armin van Buuren single has got to be one of the funkiest of its time.

Check out the video for ‘Armin van Buuren feat. Conrad Sewell – Sex, Love & Water’ below and keep listening to Massive to hear it across the day.

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